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We’re bringing better technology to the construction industry. CCS FOR ASIA SDN. BHD. is a platform for contractors, construction companies, and suppliers.
How does it work?

CCS FOR ASIA SDN. BHD. The platform allows contractors, construction companies and suppliers together on a dedicated platform for the construction industry. We’re curating a list of the very best in the trades to connect all aspects of the construction industry with one another. CCS FOR ASIA SDN. BHD. is taking the hassle out of connecting with other companies in your area. With CCS FOR ASIA SDN. BHD. profile, users can quickly discover, connect, and interact with other companies who may be looking for their skills. CCS FOR ASIA SDN. BHD. streamlines the search, prequalification, and communication process for every new project.
Our Rating System:

You wouldn’t buy a new car without test-driving it first, right? Before hiring a new contractor to join your team, surely you’ll want to know about their work history, past performance, and work ethic. Using the CCS FOR ASIA SDN. BHD. rating system, contractors can now leave peer-to-peer performance reviews. We get it; people don’t want to waste their time going through the hiring process only to find out the ‘new guy’ lacks skills, education, or passion for the line of work.
Contractors Looking for Workers:

Do you have a new build? Are you looking for another contractor? Now you can post jobs on the CCS FOR ASIA SDN. BHD. platform. Once you post a job, fellow contractors can apply. Take a peek at their profiles to see what others had to say about their work, attitude, and overall skillset before you hire them. Want to make things even easier? Conduct a quick search for potential construction project partners. Now you can view other contractor profiles and determine whether or not they may be a good fit.
Personal Contractor Profiles:

Complete a user profile at no cost. Each CCS FOR ASIA SDN. BHD. user will gain access to an online portfolio. It’s here where you can add photos of past work, detail where you work, and what you build. Other contractors in your city or town can easily find you. Our profiles are equipped with invoice technology, meaning you can bill the client directly using our secure website or our app. We help you stay organized. Keep all of your work orders, estimates, and invoices in one easily secure and accessible place. With the touch of a button, contractors can access the tools and resources they need to conduct their business properly.

1. Showcase your trade skills by using this platform.
2. CCS FOR ASIA SDN. BHD. platform is easy to use and navigate.
3. Stay organized with our online invoices.
4. Leave genuine reviews of your peers and their work.
5. Be part of a community of other construction industry skilled professionals.